What to expect from the upcoming Castlevania CD / Digital Production



On Facebook, I recently announced the songs that will be making an appearance on the upcoming CD.

I know that waiting for something like this can try one’s patience, so I thought I would elaborate a little about each track that’s up-and-coming. Here’s what I can say about each track so far:
Crystal Teardrop–In some ways this is a very straight forward upgrade from SoTN. Yet, at the same time, it is very, very distinct, with some great jazz overlays of trumpet and tenor sax making it oh-so-much like a jazz club quartet.

Wandering Ghosts –When SoTN first came out, I was in a New Orleans style street/brass band. I think Wandering Ghosts had quite a bit of an impact on my playing style, and left quite an impression on me that lasted to this date, but I think I will always associate the time period I first heard the song with the jazz bands I was in at the time. Consequently, I am rather amused that my take on Wandering Ghosts ended up being a Mardi Gras style featuring tenor sax and blazing trumpets and trombones.

Lost Painting –A very straight-ahead conversion of the original piece, featuring muted trumpet.

Waterfall  Also very genuine conversion, also with muted trumpet for the melody. Makes me feel like I’m watching a smokey, murder mystery or cheesy detective story. ;)

Submerged City — Talk about a tough piece to faithfully convert to real instrumentation! The difficulty in upgrading old midi tunes is that they can be nigh impossible to play in real life given the “perfect” nature in which they are often sequenced with a mouse. Fortunately, I think I managed to do justice to the vibe of the original while also giving a very lounge-like feel. This one is very akin to a traditional jazz quintet with trumpet and tenor sax, and a groovin’ upright bass solo just like in the original. Castlevania fans may also catch hints of another CV IV song towards the end…

Theme of Simon Belmont–Big Band Style Baby!

Pillared Corridor –More of a rock arrangement. I suppose someday I’ll have to go back and do a more “faithful” rendition, but for now, this is how it’s rollin’.

Forest of Monsters  –Highly atmospheric. I had a lot of fun with this one, while at the same time almost pulling my hair out. Playing bass clarinet was easy enough for me, but I never realized how tough it is to record/mic such a beast and still end up with a consistent and natural sound. But it worked, and has some great low-end vibe to it.

Knight Corridor / Entrance Hall — Starts out as a sort of baroque trumpet fanfare, but gradually evolves into something a bit more sinister. And then there’s the big joke at the end…

Opposing Bloodlines — Big Band Style again, baby!

Picture of a Ghost Ship (Rondo of Blood) Electronic Dance Music meets soprano sax and trumpet! Easily my wife’s favorite so far, especially since it’s so much “out” of my usual style of performing.

Bloody Tears / Out of Time  : Slow Techno

Vampire Killer : Bossa Nova jazz quartet with tenor sax and trumpet.

Revenge : This piece sounds so evil and wicked. My wife says this sounds very ominous, and I really like this rendition. Sort of a sinister Big Band feel to this, especially with the trombone fanfare at the beginning…

So when can we expect the CD, you might be asking? Well, the answer depends. Production is indeed starting to wrap up, and while I anticipate the Digital Download and Streaming to commence within a few months, the CD might end up being a bit further down the line due to the large costs associated with CD replication, not to mentioning licensing royalties for 15 songs!

With that being said, if you would like to help contribute to making this CD come more swiftly, you can :

  1. Buy my first CD, First Journey : Video Game Grooves
  2. Stream the heck out of my songs that are on Spotify, Google-play, etc…
  3. Purchase the digital downloads for the previous releases on avenues such as Amazon, I-tunes, etc…

I Hope this helps give a proper feel for things. More to come later, stay tuned, and thank you kindly for your support!

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