The Paladin’s Mission

Deeply troubled and concerned with a great injustice upon fans of  video games, the Jazz Paladin is finding that many companies fail to listen to fans and produce remakes of many timeless video game classics. While the Paladin cannot combat this evil directly (The Dark Ones are very powerful indeed), he can offer to produce an art form that will take you back the the place where your fondest musical memories began. A place where Mist Dragons roam and Time Devourers threaten the existence off all. A place where Dracula is born again every 100 years, and where Lunarians slumber. A place where we can all be Heroes.

Thus, Jazz Paladin Productions has been born. He hopes to share more news about his endeavours over the next few days and weeks, but know that I am here to answer any questions or take any suggestions that any may have.

With Faith As Their Shield,
Jazz Paladin