About Jazz Paladin Productions


Both music and video games have been an integral part of my life for almost as long as I can remember.

Despite not having started training in the fine arts until 5th grade, I was always the type of person who had a song stuck in their head. And chances are it was not just any type of music; it was probably something like the Castlevania theme song, or the primary music from Metroid. From Nobuo Uematsu to Yasunori Mitsuda to Michiko Naruke,  I had been inspired by much to say the least.

But things didn’t just stop there.

I’ve found throughout the years that as the songs play themselves over and over in my mind, I also have a seemingly endless plethora of my own “private” arrangements of such songs cycling through my head at any given time.

So years went on of my practicing clarinet. Then came the tenor saxophone, followed by the soprano. And soon I found myself delving into auxiliary percussion, bass clarinet, learning how to record, mix, master and now finally the learning to play the electric harp. It is only the successful integration of all these instruments into my life that I am now able to fulfill one of my grand dreams of making all of these wonderful songs come to life.

To those of you have contributed and purchased my music already–thank you very much!  It truly is not easy bringing this music to life, especially from a financial standpoint. Each CD costs roughly $5000.00 to produce, so this is something I cannot support on my own means indefinitely, so each sale helps me to bring more and hopefully better musical ideas to the table.

Jazz Paladin Productions has literally been decades in the making! I hope that you find my music to be something worthy of your support, and that I can continue to make music to enjoy for years to come!


Jazz Paladin